Virtual Appointment with Ontario's Largest Rapid Access Specialist Group 

Asymptomatic COVID Test Only

(Pls visit a public assessment center if you have symptoms)

Must Book Online, No Booking/Cancellation Fees

Our address (type the following into Google map for directions): "Rapid Clinic, 70 Forest Manor Road, #4 Unit, North York, ON M2J 0A9". Our store front faces Sheppard Ave. E across from the south side of Fairview Mall, right between the south exit of Don Mills Subway Station and the Tim Horton's. Not accessible through Condo Entrance (see diagram below).

What to bring:

1. If travelling, your Passport or a photo of it.

2. If for work, any ID and the work document requesting asymptomatic testing.

What COVID tests we offer: All our RT-PCR reports include QR code and are both:

a. Doctor Authorized: not by pharmacist/nurse, which many countries/airlines will not accept;

b. ISO 15189 Certified: required by many countries/airlines as proof of authenticity of the report

*Surcharge for additional forms, saliva, etc. 

We do not offer express 1-2h PCR which are not accepted by many countries/airlines.

2. TRAg (The Rapid Antigen test): include official doctor authorized travel certificate (not by pharmacist/nurse, which many countries/airlines will not accept) conforming to USA/UK/EU standard. Please check with your airline if TRAg is accepted. If unsure, it is safer to take the PCR.

We DO NOT charge any Booking Fees, Cancellation Fees or No-Show Fees to help you avoid unnecessary stress. 

FAQs for COVID Traveler's Test ← click here

Must Book Online, No Booking/Cancellation Fees

Payment In Person ONLY

Cash/Debit: no additional charge.

Credit: $5 fee per test.

Inquiries: (best), or (437) 317-9546

Rapid Access specialty clinic
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Beware of "Covid Rapid Clinic" defrauding customers, read their reviews.
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