OHIP-covered Specialist Visits require a Doctor's Referral

Please note: Your family physician is very important to your healthcare. For the benefit of your health, if your have a family physician, please ask him/her to refer you directly. Otherwise you may risk being de-rostered and losing the continuity of care from your family doctor. If you have a major illness, please attend to an in person primary care physician or the emergency room before being referred. We can only provide direct referrals for minor problems for patients without family physicians.

Still Need a Referral?

​​Audio/Video-Visit with our Family Doctor, who can Refer you to our Specialists

  • Same/next-day (GP) and same/next-week (Specialist) appointments available. Require valid OHIP/UHIP

  • After booking online, you will get an email titled "Your RapidClinic Appointment has been Booked". Please follow the instructions in it. If you cannot find the email, please look through your junk/spam folder.

  • After your visit with our family doctor, you will receive an email to access your patient portal. On the portal, there will a link to book with the desired specialist.

  • After your specialist visit, all of the instructions, lab forms, and prescriptions will also appear on the portal.

If Referred by Your Own Doctor:

​​Please ask your doctor to use the Online Referral Form, as faxes will cause delay

  • Once your doctor submits the Referral Form, you will receive an email titled "Book Your Specialist Appointment". If you cannot find the email, please look through your junk/spam folder.

  • If you still cannot find it. Please contact info@rapidclinic.ca with your and your doctor's information, so we can help you retrieve the referral.

  • You must use the specific link in this email to register, as it is connected with your referral. Require valid OHIP/UHIP


​Please note: faxed referral will have at least a 1-week delayed due to the need for manual processing.