Frequently Asked Questions for COVID Testing

1. What test do I need for travel?

  • Our clinic offers two types of tests: real-time RT-PCR and viral Antigen (Rapid Test).

  • The RT-PCR test is accepted anywhere, however the Antigen test is only accepted by certain countries (USA, some EU countries, etc.). Our Antigen test is accepted by the US and EU. If you want the Antigen test, we strongly advise you to double-check with your country of destination and airline first before doing the test.

2. When would I receive my PCR test results?

  • If you paid $159 and swabbed before 4pm ($149 between 1-4PM on weekdays), you will receive it between 1PM-3PM the day after your test (usually by 1PM)

  • If you paid $179 and got your test before noon, you will receive it between 9PM-12 Midnight on the day of your test (usually by 9PM)

  • If you paid $199 between1:00PM-8:00PM ($189 between 1-4PM on weekdays), you will receive it around 12 Noon the next day. 

3. When would I receive my Antigen result?

  • Usually within 1-2 hours of your test, but sometimes it may come a bit later if our doctor is busy.

4. How would I receive my test result?

  • Via email from

  • If you want a hard copy, come and pick up the following day after your result is released.

5. What if I do not receive my test result?

  • Check your junk/spam folder. It is often there!

  • If you still do not see it, email us at so that we can know the correct email to resend the results to.

6. What would the test results say?

  • Either Not Detected (You are okay to travel) or Detected (you will be asked to self-isolate by our doctor)

7. What if I forgot to bring my passport with me to the clinic?