Our Mission

Canadians wait at least 22 weeks for Specialists Physicians, with many Canadian towns having zero access to most specialist care.

Without timely access, ​diagnoses are missed, treatment is delayed and outcomes are suboptimal. 

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Access To Care

As Canadians, we could not be prouder to work and live in a country with publicly funded medical services for all Canadians. However, despite universal healthcare, it is not accessible to a large proportion of Canadians for a variety of a reasons including geographic barriers and unacceptably long wait times. This is particularly true for specialty care, where limited specialty physicians are stretched to their resource limits in order to provide for the entire population.

Without access, what is the value of a universal healthcare system?

RapidClinic aims to eliminate these barriers to care by providing access to specialist care via your electronic device, regardless of where you live or how busy your schedule is!


Embracing Modern Technology

If we can receive our Amazon packages within one day, why can't we harness modern technology to experience timely and convenient medical care? 

Specialists appointments no longer need to be a headache to set up, or an impossibility to arrange.

At RapidClinic, we use modern technology to streamline your care you so can focus on what's important - your health.

Every aspect of your RapidClinic appointment, from the booking, to your medical records to the prescription can be managed with your fingertips via your electronic device. 

Feel the power in finally taking control of your health.